The Managing Director

Mr M.K Mohanan an enthusiastic person who has served our Indian armed forces until 1998 aftermath he voluntary retired and started a business in the medical field. He has served MNC's like Philips and Seimens health care companies. Now he is one of the leading Turnkey contractors in South India for the healthcare development of several hospitals around Chennai, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Bengaluru. A native of Kerala and a resident of Bengaluru.. All he believes is his self confidence and mental strength. He believes in himself as he started this company with his own vision to excel in a different way and module.

He has developed his company around many stages and has been growing phenomenally throughout south India. His dedication and stability are his strength that helped him in emerging his business and activities. He usually encourages talent and gives way to new ideas for the market and sector. He has been so simple and down to earth all the way in his career. Though he has tasted a lot of success in this field ,he never shows it off on his personality. Hence this is his motive and mantra that helps him get going in the industry.

Mr M.K Mohanan

Managing Director

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